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I draw porn, usually pony porn or furry porn, and I do it for money. I'm extremely positive, light-hearted, pro-sexuality, hypersexual and uh... and also a pink zebra.


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Posted by LilMissJay - July 13th, 2019

Gonna start posting here again since I decided today to stop posting on Twitter altogether.

Hi all!


Posted by LilMissJay - December 18th, 2018

So last I looked I had 433 followers on Newgrounds and I was planning to do a stream to celebrate 500

And now I'm at 722 and rapidly approaching 800

Well shit!

Hi all you new folks! Pleasure to meetcha!

I'll be uploading art real soon, right now I'm making a big-ass art pack with over 3,000 images in it that'll be up on my Patreon, link to that's in my sidebar there.

<--- That way.

It's a backup of all 3,000+ images I've posted to Tumblr over the last 6 years, plus some that have never been seen by the internet. It'll all be available for $1 or higher supporters of my batrion.

Once that's good and posted I'll start getting to posting regularly here. I got quite a lot of pictures!

I love you all.



Posted by LilMissJay - December 15th, 2018

Commissions Prices and info can be found here!

But for quick reference here's my prices.


- Example

- $5-15 (Per Character)

Flat Colors:

- Example

- $40 (+25 Per Character)


- Example

- $50 (+25 Per Character)

Soft Shading:

- Example

- $75 (+35 Per Character)

Posted by LilMissJay - December 8th, 2018


16 Hour Drawstream, celebrating 1,230 members in my public Discord!

1,000 was the milestone, obviously, but we’re still getting more. :)

https://discord.gg/XbpCyEK <— Jay’s Booty Barn!

A place where you can hang out, relax, enjoy the company of others, meet friends, and be surrounded by a general aura of positivity and good times

Also a place where artists of any skill level can post their art or written works, and let everyone know in a designated channel where they’re posting their art after the great Tumblr Exodus is over. :)


Posted by LilMissJay - December 6th, 2018

Don't you worry, followers! I'll be posting a lot more once I've settled in.

I'm still recovering from the shock of Tumblr doing what it's doing, and I'm managing a Discord server that's serving as a refuge and crossroad for artists migrating from Tumblr to other sites.

I wanna say thank you for the nearly 400 followers, I'll draw up some kind'a cute pic-a-ture for when I hit 500. :)


Posted by LilMissJay - December 3rd, 2018

My first milestone on Newgrounds, a whole 100 friends!

I know most of you are from Tumblr or my Discord server, but to those of you who are NG natives, hello! Welcome to my brand new page, I hope you enjoy your stay.

I dunno how the art portal works honestly, I don't know how following works, I don't know how easily my uploads are seen by my followers, but

I hope y'all see this, see my art in the future, and enjoy what you see. :)


Posted by LilMissJay - December 3rd, 2018

I strongly doubt that Tumblr is going to go back on their decision to no longer allow NSFW content, even though a petition on Change already has like 100,000/150,000 signatures.

So, assuming that's the case, and Tumblr really does just want to kill their own website, hello, Newgrounds!

Maybe I'll like it here, I hope that I will. I hope all those things I've heard about Newgrounds being full of hateful people and being worse than Tumblr (which I strongly doubt honestly, Tumblr has some EVIL people in it) aren't true and that Newgrounds is actually a welcoming place.

Hi, I'm Jay!